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We care about YOU... more than the big firms. You are not just a settlement number to us.


Other firms settle cases for less than fair value. We fight to get you the best settlement possible.


You are here because you have been wronged. We take this seriously since your problem is
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Case Results

$2.2 million

Class action settlement for missed meal and rest breaks

$1.5 million

Class action settlement for unpaid overtime wages


Settlement for sexual harassment and disability discrimination


Settlement for age discrimination/disability discrimination/failure to accommodate


Settlement for sexual harassment 


Settlement for disability discrimination/failure to accommodate


Settlement for disability discrimination/failure to engage in the interactive process 


Settlement for sexual harassment  

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About Petronelli Law

Los Angeles Skyline | Petronelli Employment Law Group
    We are a boutique law firm specializing in all aspects of employment law. We have successfully represented clients in all types of job law cases, including claims for unemployment compensation, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, unpaid minimum wage, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and missed meal and rest breaks.

We primarily represent employees on a contingent fee basis, but also represent employers in defending any types of workplace claims and in creating employment policies that comply with California Labor Laws.


I found Petronelli Law Group via a Google search about employment law and harassment. After a free consultation, they agreed to support my case on contingency. Christian was amazingly supportive and ultimately advised me against his own self interests. Christian showed me compassion and empathy and advised me in a manner that he knew was best for me even though he would not receive benefit from it. He is a genuinely good person in addition to being a good lawyer. I highly recommend him for employment law concerns and sensitive harassment situations.


I found Christian's firm from Yelp and called them based on reviews. They are incredibly professional attorneys who are extremely knowledgeable regarding employment law. They are very authentic in their fight for employee rights and are capable of helping you understand employment law. I would also add that they are honest lawyers and I am not saying that sarcastically!


I had an extremely harassing situation with an employer. I called Christian after my friend referred me. He listened to everything I had to say, explained what he could do for me, and when I left his office, I felt like I just handed my entire burden over to Christian and his team. We settled in less than three months! That is unusually fast for a case like mine, but I attribute that to the hard work and commitment that Christian put into my case.


If you're faced with the unfortunate situation of needing a lawyer, don't hesitate to get Christian in your corner. He is professional, punctual, and will fight for what you deserve. I needed a lawyer's help to respond to a cease-and-desist letter. I was so scared about receiving it and felt really in the dark. I found Christian after speaking with half a dozen lawyers. He made sure I was well-informed during the process and really went to bat. I was so impressed with how REAL he was with me. I trusted his advice and was so thankful to have his council. I hope I'll never have to call him again (haha), but I wouldn't hesitate to do.

Seriously. Call this guy.

Let us fight for you.

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