Disability Discrimination

If you have been a victim of disability discrimination, Petronelli Law Group can help. We have recovered millions on behalf of disabled California employees.

Most often, disability discrimination arises when a disabled employee asks his or her employer for a "reasonable accommodation" for their disability. Simply stated, a reasonable accommodation is a request for some change in working conditions that will make it easier for the employee to do his or her job. For example, if an employee has a back injury that limits the amount of weight they can lift, then a typical reasonable accommodation would for the employer to allow the employee to work, but to agree that the employee will not be required to lift more than a certain weight. Another reasonable accommodation may be to allow an employee to work from home if the employees injury requires them to have minimal commute time in the car.

Disability Discrimination Cases Represented by Petronelli Law Group

Unfortunately, employers sometimes refuse to agree to a reasonable accommodate for disabled employee, claiming that the accommodation would unfairly burden the employer. Often times this means that the employer will terminate the employee or place the employee on an involuntarily, unpaid leave until the employee is able to return to work without an accommodation. If you are faced with this unfortunate situation, then you may have a claim for disability discrimination or wrongful termination and should speak with one of our experienced employment attorneys to determine your rights.

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