Sexual Harassment/Discrimination

Petronelli Law Group has experienced employment attorneys that represent clients in sexual harassment or sexual discrimination cases throughout California.

Sexual harassment can take many forms, including unwelcome comments, sexual advances, requests for dates, touching, leering, starring, and retaliation when an employee rejects or opposes sexual harassment. Similarly, sexual discrimination also comes in many forms and can include exclusion from meetings, unfavorable treatment compared to opposite-gender employees, exclusion from activities, and unequal pay.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Discrimination Cases Represented by Petronelli Law Group

Although it is more typical for women to be victims of sexual harassment and discrimination, men are also frequently victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. For example, a common type of sexual harassment that is often overlooked and underreported is male-on-male sexual harassment and discrimination where male employees take horseplay or "joking around" too far.

Whether you are male or female, if you are a victim of workplace harassment or discrimination based on your sex or sexual orientation, the experienced employment lawyers at Petronelli Law Group can help.

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